Return dollars saved:


Appriss Retail saves retailers costs annually by preventing fraudulent and abusive returns


Who We Help

We’re partnering with retailers, worldwide, to provide them with knowledge for good. With the power of big data analytics, they’re making faster, better informed decisions for tackling shrink and fraud plus increasing profits while providing good service to valued customers.


Immediately impacting total loss by reducing consumer fraud, retail shrink and procedural errors, while fostering a positive customer experience.

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Lifting store performance by increasing sales, cutting costs, and reducing loss with solutions that enhance customer service and achieve full ROI in six months or less.

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Capitalizing on in-store traffic to generate new revenue by incentivizing customers to spend more, following merchandise returns.

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Reducing total loss from consumer fraud, employee dishonesty and procedural errors to immediately reduce shrink and returns.

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Proven Benefits

The Retail Equation/Sysrepublic is benefiting customers with advanced analytic solutions that are helping them increase sales, enhance the customer return experience, prevent fraud, and tackle sales reducing activities (SRAs).

The Brainpower Behind Appriss Retail Solutions

Our solutions deliver immediate and measurable results. We use data analytics not available through any other source (including your in-house analysts). We have a team of PhD and MS degreed statisticians, a statistical criminologist, and a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff.


Industry-leading analytics from The Retail Equation/Sysrepublic

Leverage analytical science that provides knowledge for good. Our analytics make it possible for your retail enterprise to reduce shrink, lift revenue, decrease returns and enhance the customer experience.

Predictive Analytics

With the advantage of real-time predictive analytics—from statistical modeling to data mining—you’re ready to increase sales through targeted incentives as well as identify and deter fraud and shrink.

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With SaaS deployment, you have the flexibility and scalability to quickly roll out to retail stores via a stand-alone terminal or point of sale integration wherever needed.

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Verify Deployment Options

In a SaaS environment, data for Verify and Retail Rewards is collected in store and you are provided with an answer automatically, without interrupting your daily operational workflow or requiring IT support.

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Secure Development Options

Secure is a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with the power to process millions of sales transactions daily to help you detect fraud and analyze your business processes.

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