Deploying Verify and Incent

Fast, Easy, and Light on IT

male consumer completes a return transaction on a system using Verify and Incent

Software-as-a-Service Deployment

Verify and Incent run in a SaaS environment. Data is collected in the store and the system automatically renders an answer. IT is not involved in the daily operation or support.

Deployment occurs via point-of-sale (POS) integration or stand alone terminal. The typical process is to perform a pilot using Verifone Vx520 terminals and utilize the subsequent post-pilot data analysis to provide the information necessary to make a roll-out deployment decision.

Our solutions are integrated to a wide variety of point-of-sales systems, including commercially available packages and in-house developed/maintained systems.

Physical Considerations


Return authorization services may require you to collect consumer information from a government-issued ID. These IDs are encoded with either a magnetic stripe, which can be swiped through a mag strip reader on the POS or terminal device, or a 2-D barcode which can be scanned using devices from E-Seek, Zebra (Symbol), and Honeywell (Metrologic). Data can also be entered manually.


Connectivity is ideally established as a broadband transmission over the IP network or through a dedicated line. However, any reliable communication system can be used, including telephone networks or other custom communications solutions. To ensure that customer privacy is protected, transmissions should be encrypted.


Buy online return in store (BORIS) is understandably very popular with consumers who live or work near physical stores. Other customers prefer to ship back their returns to the DC. Whatever way you support direct channel returns, we can help. Integration options are available in these cross-channel scenarios.

What does Verify deployment look like?

See how fast and easy it is to use Verify on a Verifone device.

Clerk uses a stand-alone device as part of a Verify deployment

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