Best Practices for Building a Leading Omnichannel Returns Strategy [Webinar]

Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 11am EDT

Speakers: Nathan Smith, Appriss Retail | Amar Mokha, Incisiv

Returns take a big bite out of retail sales. In fact, in 2022 retail trade grew by 11% while returns increased by 70% compared to 2021. The 2023 Omnichannel Returns Index, published by Incisiv in partnership with Appriss® Retail, examines the capabilities and policies of 128 top retailers across nine different industry segments in four key areas of omnichannel returns and digital experiences. The report highlights the biggest gaps and opportunities for retailers to reduce returns and improve their omnichannel returns experience.

Nathan Smith, SVP of Product Strategy at Appriss Retail, will be joined by Amar Mokha, Chief Operations Officer at Incisiv, to discuss what top leading retailers are doing to lead the charge in the world of returns along with best practices for building a leading omnichannel returns strategy that delights your customers while protecting your bottom line.

This webinar will be recorded.