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Refund Management with Engage Return Authorization

Refund Management simplifies returns by enhancing point-of-service tools and managing receipts and tenders. Read More

appriss retail leveraging AI to combat claims fraud

Leveraging AI to Combat Claims Fraud

Learn how the Appriss Linking System can help you identify potential fraudulent order claims. Read More

Female online shopper calls retailer with an order claim. Ecommerce fraud AI can help weed out fraudulent store claims without impacting your best customers. Retailers rely on Appriss Retail for their ecommerce fraud detection and ecommerce fraud prevention with Appriss Engage.

Order Claims: A Growing Source of Ecommerce Fraud

Claims fraud, a.k.a. refund fraud, can be as costly as chargebacks for some retailers. Learn how you can protect your profits. Read More

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Secure Coach

Improve efficiencies at the point-of-service, reduce front-end turnover, and decrease sales reducing activities (SRAs) with Appriss Secure Coach. Read More

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2020 Examples of Return Fraud

What were the most common forms of return fraud experienced by US retailers in 2020? Find out in less than a minute. Read More

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Sell More, Lose Less During #RetailRecovery

This infographic-style booklet identifies six focus areas that can increase revenue and reduce loss in stores during re-opening. Read More