Verify® Identify™

Visualize Behaviors and Relationships

Automatically Build Profiles of Important Linked Activity

Now you can visualize the hidden links among consumers and suspicious activities that put your company at risk.

Identify™ uses the patented linking algorithms from Verify® 5 return authorization. Its statistical models automatically find outlier behaviors within these connected records and makes them accessible to you for quick research. Identify enables your entire workgroup to rapidly inspect and act on these key linked relationships directly or via special disposition and export processes. The capability to visualize these linked transactions facilitates a deeper offline investigation, a hands-on detection and deterrence of fraud/ORC, or a unique identification of opportunities.

  • Suspicious consumer and employee behavior
  • ORC/fraud ring associations
  • Consumer spending
  • Product/SKU visibility

Proven Analytics Results

Identify is a web-based, graphical tool to help build links and visualize connections between transactions, products, and consumers, in post-transaction review and disposition. Identify automatically builds consumer profiles on the most important linked behaviors to help your team rapidly determine their severity before you investigate them.

Verify Identify visualization brick and mortar or ecommerce

How Verify Identify Works

Identify provides you with focused analytics that go beyond basic reporting and get deeper into transactional data. The objective is to move beyond what is happening now and learn why it is happening—to review specific outlier behaviors and address conditions quickly.

    Verify develops specific predictive analytic models—like ORC, employee collusion, consumer spending, or product associations—and then Identify displays those profiles to your end users on a regular basis through the Identify web-portal.
    Using the patented algorithms from Verify, the linked transaction graphical visualization and mapping makes consumer purchase and return records accessible to you for rapid post-transaction review and disposition, allowing you to uncover root causes of shrink that may have not be visible before.
    Identify transforms consumer, product, and transaction data into a special tool for detailed analysis, meaning your asset protection and loss prevention teams have a new method to keep your entire workgroup notified and focused on the most important topics. Additionally, when deployed with Verify Real-Time Alerts, Identify can keep you on top of activity in your stores right now.
Verify Identify screenshot and phone alert


  • Visualize linked transactions between consumers to learn what is really going on and speed up decision making.
  • Search for and review transaction history of individual shoppers. Rapidly identify and shut-down ORC rings.
  • Integrate Identify with the Real-Time Alerts module to close the loop on monitoring suspicious activity in your stores.
  • Align reports to generate the right metrics and measure the most complete results.
  • Output can be configured for store, district, region, and corporate views.
  • Dashboards provide measurements specific to your company to the right people, right away.
  • When integrated with the Real-Time Alerts module, you will be notified of suspicious activity when it happens, not a day later when it is too late to act on.
  • A cloud-based web portal that gives you access from anywhere, on any desktop or mobile device.
  • Even operates through your VPN and on your company Intranet or store portal— you will never be at a loss for data.

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