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Are you accidentally cutting into your sales & underwriting fraud?

Not knowing where losses are occurring, and realizing you have no way of finding out, is frustrating for finance, loss prevention, and operations alike. While some losses may be expected, employee fraud, consumer return fraud, and shrink need to be controlled.

Even legitimate returns need to be monitored so that the store does not fall victim to abusive renting/wardrobing. Until the right solutions are in place, however, attempts to prevent loss can backfire and cause the chain to lose so many sales that they outweigh the loss they were intended to prevent. Stopgap procedures can make processes so convoluted that associates skip steps, reopening the door to fraud.

Technology to reduce shrink and increase net sales

With your customer-facing solutions aligned to meet their needs, consumers feel welcome in your store whether they are purchasing or making a return. The processes are fast, and the day’s transaction stimulates future shopping visits.

Behind the scenes analytics help to prevent consumer and employee fraud as well as to help with scorecarding vendors and SKUs. Shrink is kept under control through effective monitoring and diligent investigations.

Reduce shrink 13% and returns by 8% effective immediately

Appriss Retail uses big data analytics to help you reduce total loss whether they result from consumer fraud, employee dishonesty, or procedural errors. The solutions can be implemented more quickly than similar solutions and begin delivering results immediately. Every day of delay costs drains revenue from your bottom line.

In addition, we offer a solution called Incent that automatically creates and distributes intelligent incentives to consumers following a purchase or return. This solution increases basket size and lifts revenue.

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An unbeatable combination of expertise and technology

Appriss Retail solutions deliver immediate and measurable results. We use data analytics not available through any other source (including your in-house analysts). We have a team of PhD- and MS-degreed statisticians, a statistical criminologist, and a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff.

They are dedicated to monitoring the billions of transactions we receive to from retailers around the world to create models to further the efforts of your Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Operations, and Marketing departments.

The solutions are delivered in a SaaS environment and are easy to implement, so the results do not need to be delayed by a busy IT schedule. The solutions also do not create hurdles for store operations; in fact, they support smoother, more profitable processes.

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How we’ve helped, and how we continue to help


One of the UK’s largest chains needed to tackle employee-related fraud, particularly at the point-of-sale. The retailer turned to us for help.



The NRF Retail Returns Survey reveals the financial impact of return fraud and abuse on retailers, consumers, and taxes.


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