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Engage Claims and Appeasements Authorization

Customer claims, appeasements, post-order adjustments, and instances of refund fraud and abuse are often linked to claims of Item Not Received (INR), lost orders, mis-ships, re-ships, and damage claims. These challenges play a role in the erosion of your business margins.

The ecommerce boom created new opportunities for crafty fraudsters. Retailers spend an average of $22 billion annually on appeasements and reshipments. Rising false claims and various fraudulent and abusive activities, including wardrobing, reselling, empty box returns, damaged Items, price arbitrage or fraudulent price match, and credit laundering, complicate the distinction between genuine and deceptive claims. Additionally, identifying fraud poses a challenge for customer service agents, especially when customers use multiple email addresses, mailing addresses, credit card numbers, and names to deceive.

Learn how Engage Claims and Appeasements Authorization can help you quickly identify high-risk claims that could be costing you millions each year.

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