2024 Claims and Appeasements Report

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Let AI Find and Prevent Losses from Employees, Return Abuse, and Fraud, In-store and Online

The Appriss Retail platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze mountains of transaction data in real time to find the anomalies that negatively affect profitability.

Exception-based reporting, behavior-based analytics, and retail specific models provide comprehensive visibility across store and online operations, allowing retailers to build a better workforce, enhance consumer relationships, plus reduce the impact of shrink, loss, and fraud on the bottom line.

Benefits seen by Appriss Retail Customers


Average reduction in returns overall


Increase in revenue after a return


Greater spend per subsequent visit


Average reduction in overhead costs


Reduction in SRAs & Shrink


cases resolved by secure


Reduction in shrink overall


less discount / promo abuse

Explore the Appriss Retail Platform

Maximize profitability and reduce friction by optimizing returns in-store and online

Engage harnesses the power of data science and artificial intelligence to analyze your transaction data in real time and deliver behavior-based recommendations that minimize return rates, reduce fraud, recoup lost revenue, and promote consumer engagement at the point of return.

Return Authorization

Build a better returns strategy with data-driven, integrated recommendations that prevent fraud and abuse at the point of return without requiring blanket policies that damage valuable customer relationships.

Return authorization solution Appriss Retail Engage, formerly Appriss Retail Verify, helps you detect and prevent retail returns fraud and abuse while improving CX.

Claims and Appeasements

Take the uncertainty out of claims and appeasements interactions with real-time data analysis that links consumer transactions across all your selling channels.

Minimize fraudulent did not arrive and item not received claims with the power of AI. Protect your profits with Appriss Retail Claims Authorization.

Incentive Optimization

Deliver intelligent incentives to consumers at the point of return and drive new revenue within hours of a return.

Recover revenue and improve the customer experience by issuing intelligent retail returns incentives. Increase inventory turns & gross margin. Appriss Retail Incentive Optimization

Do more with less using data analytics

Secure provides a comprehensive view of your business that helps you prevent loss both in-store and online, enhance your inventory position, and streamline your business operations. Appriss Retail is best in class for sales reducing activity (SRA) management, shrink reduction, and profit improvement.


Identify associates in need of supportive training and provide the store or call center manager with the metrics and tools to track training sessions and results.

Retailers use Appriss Retail’s Secure Coach solution to reduce losses related to retail theft, retail fraud, and store associate errors. Retailers can identify store associates who need coaching for procedures that may cause unexpected loss or degrade the retail customer experience. Track store training effectiveness and optimize the front end of your store.


Improve workflows and streamline reporting to ensure visibility into the issues affecting your employees and customers, as well as your sales.

Loss prevention case management software that can boost productivity by centrally managing any type of store incident. Store incident management with Appriss Retail Secure Incident. Case management solution and store incident management solution for retailers.


Centralize your data and make real-time reporting simple. Build an assortment of audits, surveys, and checklists and then target those forms to your employees.

Conduct store audits, identify store operational issues, and improve retail store compliance with Appriss Retail Secure Audit. Build store audit reports, easily complete store audits, and track store manager performance.

Cash Over/Short

Consolidate transactions and over/short data across all registers and provide an easy-to-view detailed analysis to help identify trends and discrepancies worth investigating.

ect cash register overages and shortages with Appriss Retail Secure Cash Over/Short. Cashier fraud detection and analysis at your fingertips. Identify transaction over/short, cash register shortages, and whether additional employee training is needed.


Collect inventory movement data from your organization’s system of record and receive alerts of any anomalies to improve increase availability, reduce total loss, and enhance the customer experience.

Optimize retail store inventory, gain inventory visibility, and reduce retail shrink with Appriss Retail Secure Inventory. Improve retail inventory onshelf availability.

Navigating ‘Good’ vs. ‘Bad’ Customers for Returns Fraud Prevention in Retail

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