Asset Protection & Loss Prevention

Preserve a consumer-friendly experience while preventing loss and shrink.

Demands on your time are growing, but staffing is not

Shrink is up. Fraud is up. All the solutions you have in place help you, but they don’t allow you to respond fast enough. Organized retail crime (ORC) gangs use the return counter like an ATM.

Employees are sweethearting total strangers in the hopes of garnering a few more approval points on customer surveys. Meanwhile, new risk areas are being introduced through new procedures and updated floor plans.

How are you going to drive down shrink and fraud without alienating good consumers?

Hands-free and closed-loop system maximize results

You could accomplish much more with the right solutions in place. Imagine having a system that predicts and prevents most forms of consumer fraud completely hands-free—frauds that other solutions miss. At the same time, the solution improves service to good customers.

Imagine using an EBR and case management solution that made your investigations easier with features like a natural language query writer; an organized, closed loop analytics system; and single sign-on from any desktop or mobile device to access full versions of the solution. Imagine a customer support team that understands your company and is eager to help you.

Reduce shrink 13% and returns by 8%, effective immediately

Inventory shrinkage is about 1.62 percent in the US according to the National Retail Federation’s NRSS report, and about 1.42 percent worldwide as reported in the Checkpoint Global Retail Theft Barometer.

Appriss Retail uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help you and your asset protection and loss prevention teams reduce total loss whether they result from consumer fraud, employee dishonesty, or procedural errors. The solutions can be implemented more quickly than similar solutions and begin delivering results immediately. Every day of delay drains revenue from your bottom line.

Asset Protection & Loss Prevention Solutions

Lifting Retail Loss Prevention to New Heights

Appriss Retail solutions deliver immediate and measurable results. We use data analytics not available through any other source (including your in-house analysts).

We have a team of statisticians with MS and PhD degrees, a statistical criminologist, and a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff. They are dedicated to monitoring the billions of transactions we receive to from retailers around the world to create models that keep retail fraud in check without harming good customers.

The solutions are delivered in a SaaS environment and are easy to implement, so your success does not need to be delayed by a busy IT schedule. The solutions also do not create hurdles for store operations; in fact, they support smoother, more profitable processes.

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