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How Large Omnichannel Retailers Can Act Like a Mom & Pop Shop [Podcast]

How can AI really help retailers? If you take advantage of the data, analyze all the bits and bytes, you can make it work for you. Read More

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Consumers Make Returns in Your Stores. Are You Taking Advantage of Their Visit? [Podcast]

Recapture revenue, make your consumers feel better about the return experience and maybe even get them to buy something more with no additional marketing, no new ads, and no new stores. Read More


Returns Drive Sales [Podcast]

The number of returns are increasing dramatically, but customers still want to shop. The retailer can use the return event and turn it into a positive experience. Read More

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Online Sales are Growing and So are Your Return Reserves [Podcast]

How can retailers manage their growing online sales while keeping their return reserves in check? Dig deep into your consumer data and you can identify these consumers, and even better, do something about it. Read More


All Consumers Are NOT Created Equal [Podcast]

AI and machine learning can help you understand the full consumer shopping experience across all channels, identify fraudulent transactions and put guardrails around bad actors to minimize your risk. Read More