Secure™ Incident

Increase Productivity by Centrally Managing Any Type of Store Incident

Every case, every location, every device.

Most legacy store case management software or paper-based systems do not provide Retail Leaders with the information they need to identify hot spots and take action. Delayed notifications and multiple reporting systems make it difficult to streamline your reporting requirements.

Secure Incident is a powerful retail case management solution, seamlessly integrated into Appriss Retail’s best-in-class exception-based reporting (EBR) solution. It improves workflow and streamlines reporting to ensure visibility to the issues affecting employees and customers and affecting your sales. Take immediate action with instant alert notifications and ensure the proper prevention tools are in place to mitigate future occurrences.

Now you can easily manage any type of store incident, from anywhere, and on any device. Centralize all incident reporting in one system and utilize the robust security configurations to onboard your enterprise today.

Legacy store incident management software can make reporting hard for store investigators and store security. Secure Incident increases store productivity by centrally managing any type of store incident. It uses the latest retail data analytics technology to create dashboards for immediate insight. Increase productivity for your store faster with this loss prevention case management software.

A centralized, simple, and accessible system.


Over 200+ localizations are supported including language, currency, and date formats.


Users can report incidents from anywhere on any device with our mobile responsive application.


Maximize recovery efforts and streamline restitution and civil collections. Support provided for in-house collections, hybrid, or full integration with your third party collections agency.


Manage tasks, generate OSHA reporting, manage your security attributes, and create instant notifications on any event.


 A single entry point for creating a workflow to support your process and ensure all necessary information is captured.


Secure Incident uses the latest retail data analytics technology to convert your data into dashboard charts and graphs for immediate insight.

Will Our Solution Suite Help You?

In addition to Secure, Appriss Retail provides solutions that go beyond EBR to impact your business’ performance. Learn if these solutions are right for you by trying our instant estimator.

Loss prevention case management software that can boost productivity by centrally managing any type of store incident. Store incident management with Appriss Retail Secure Incident. Case management solution and store incident management solution for retailers. Increase productivity for your store faster with this loss prevention case management software.

Boost asset protection and loss prevention team productivity by consolidating your case management.

Flexible and feature-rich, Secure Incident centralizes cases, incidents, and audits from all your locations and enforces consistency throughout the enterprise, across multiple banners, brands, and countries. It provides you with a paperless case file, including details such as items taken, narratives, people involved, vehicles, attachments (photo, video, audio, statements, etc.), and advanced case linking to identify relationships and trends among the records.

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