Secure™ Cash Over/Short

Easily Identify Overages and Shortages

Discrepancy analysis at your fingertips.

When executed properly, lane accountability enhances efficiency, customer service and provides staff with additional time for more meaningful tasks. However, without a system to provide visibility and analysis, it can create opportunities for internal theft.  

Secure Cash Over/Short consolidates transaction and over/short data across all registers and provides an easy-to-view detailed analysis to help identify trends and discrepancies worth investigating. Simply toggle your view of metrics between register or cashier and drill down for more details with a click. 

This tool works seamlessly with Secure Search to target shortages, enabling retailers to determine if a discrepancy is cashier fraud or a simple mistake.

Detect cash register overages and cash register shortage with Appriss Retail Secure Cash Over/Short. Cashier fraud detection and analysis at your fingertips. Identify transaction over/short, cash register short, cash register over, and whether additional employee training is needed.

A valuable tool for better decision-making.


No need to spend hours manually tracking cash discrepancies.


Data from Cash Over/Short can be used in Secure’s AI models, dashboards, reports, and work item exceptions.


Drillable dashboards and reports focus on the store level, maintaining a history of shortages and overages for the store’s cashiers and registers, presenting trends and abnormalities.


Each store is provided with a view of the Top 10 cashiers with the highest average in drawer openings and with the most discrepancy values.


Click through from summaries to the receipt level to determine whether the cashier’s actions indicate a need for cashier retraining or other action.


Manage non-fraudulent discrepancies in a consistent manner and prevent fraudulent activity.

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