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This calculator is designed to give you a quick read on the business value you can achieve from optimizing your retail transactions.

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As a Software-as-a-Service provider we are able to report financial results to you at anytime, offering far more visibility than licensed software application. Delivering measurable and proven results is a key tenet of our solutions.

Revenue Calculations

 Estimated Impact*
Total Annual Returns
Annual Return Reduction1 (Net Sales Preserved)
Percent of Revenue
Incent™ (Returns)
Annual New Revenue2
Percent of Revenue
Return Optimization
Annual Revenue Impact
Percent of Revenue

Shrink Calculations

 Estimated Impact*
Total Shrink
Annual Shrink Reduction
Percent of Revenue

• 6 month ROI (or less)

• 30% increase in actionable cases

• 50% reduction in the time it takes to investigate

• 100% visibility into your SRAs and exception metrics;, no guessing

* Estimated revenue and savings impact based on metrics provided or industry standards.

1 Verify estimated at 6% return rate reduction, actual clients average 8.2%.

2 Incent estimated at redemption rate 12.5%, actual clients average 16.5%.

3 Verify estimated at 13% shrink dollar reduction, or absolute reduction of .32%.