Engage Incentive Optimization

Recover revenue and improve customer experience

Increase top line sales and improve margin – every return, any channel.

Retailers have demanding objectives to increase gross margin, improve conversions, entice online shoppers into the store, build loyalty, and grow top line sales.

Engage Incentive Optimization helps you achieve these goals by issuing intelligent incentives to the consumers most likely to purchase today—the ones already in your stores or on your sites. Incentive Optimization uses the information available at the time of return or purchase to deliver targeted, personalized incentives that will quickly drive new revenue within hours of a return. It works by itself or with Engage Return Authorization to evaluate and act on each transaction in real-time.

Retailers using the solution often see a 34 percent increase in revenue after a return. Plus, those consumers make 8 percent more shopping trips in the weeks after a return, spending 9 percent more at each visit.

Recover revenue and improve the retail shopper experience by issuing intelligent retail return incentives. Increase inventory turns & gross margin and improve the retail customer experience with Appriss Retail Engage Incentive Optimization.

Retailers using Engage Incentive Optimization often see:

A 34% increase in gross profit after a return

Consumers making 8% more shopping trips in the weeks after a return

Consumers spending 9% more at each visit

Exceed shopper expectations throughout their entire customer journey.


Increase Buy-Online-Return-In-Store (BORIS) sales with targeted incentive offers. Redeemers increased spend by 12%.


Consumers who redeem Engage Incentive Optimization offers usually spend more than the value of the items they return, improving store performance in increasing gross margin.


You can prioritize clearance and seasonal merchandise or boost lagging categories by targeting your customers based on past sales trends.


Build customer loyalty through targeted offers. Surprise and delight your best customers with an incentive to spend their refund on products they prefer.


Get more value from the foot traffic already in the store with incentives that can be redeemed within a few hours after a return is made.


Engage models are based on millions of customer, store, product, and transaction attributes – billions of scenarios that could never be achieved without analytics.

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We also use the Incentive Optimization system…Our customers like it, and we like the additional sales.


Deliver millions to your bottom line.

Offering optimized incentives during the return process presents a unique opportunity to increase profitability and recover revenue. Use our Engage calculator to start to build your business case.

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