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Supermarket Quells “Creative Cashiering”

This supermarket used LP/AP technology to keep up with overall growth and the addition self-checkout and cashier-assisted checkout. Read More


Uncovering More Employee Fraud Faster with AI

A retailer’s leadership wondered what practical benefit AI would have on its operations. This case study outlines the impressive results. Read More


Outfitted for Return Optimization

Changes in consumer behavior were jeopardizing this company’s profitability and performance through return abuse. See what the retailer did. Read More

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Remodeling an Old Fashioned Return Counter

This retailer’s return procedures made it a target for organized retail crime and return abusers. See how it addressed the issue. Read More

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Preserving a Superior Consumer Experience

This retailer found ways to control costs and reduce loss in two popular service areas—mobile self-checkout (SCO) and discretionary gifts. Read More


Reducing Risk in the Game

This retailer wanted an EBR system to address revenue, margin, and stock loss plus create actionable insights. It achieved ROI in just 3 months. Read More

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Global Retailer Tallies Successes

Learn how this UK-based retailer achieved a 200+% ROI in the first year and a 15% reduction in fraud overall. Read More

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Lifting Sales Without Raising a Sweat

This retailer wanted to drive incremental sales and higher gross profit from its existing foot traffic, particularly from repeat shoppers. Read More

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Tuning in to Consumer Satisfaction

This retailer achieved a chain-wide 10%+ reduction in return rate saving millions of dollars annually. See how they did it. Read More

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Profit Protection in the Spotlight

Can a retailer optimize its return rate by reducing return loss and abuse while keeping consumer satisfaction levels high? Read More

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Slam the Door on Return Fraud

This chain offered a no-receipt-required return policy, but employees routinely extended the refund timeframe. See how the retailer regained control. Read More