Use data science and AI to protect profits online and in-store with Appriss® Engage

Maximize profitability and reduce friction by optimizing returns in-store and online.

Your enterprise collects vast amounts of data about consumer transactions in your brick-and-mortar and online stores. Put that data to work to improve your customers’ experiences and improve margins.

Appriss® Engage is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that delivers behavior-based recommendations (BBR) within the retailers POS, ecommerce or customer service applications. It provides retailers with the power of AI and machine learning to stop, modify, redirect or reward the actions of consumers during the purchase, return, or claims and appeasements process.

By recognizing the behaviors, patterns and preferences of each consumer, Engage can deliver a consistent experience during the final stage of a consumer’s journey, while reducing risk and protecting profits.

Protect profits in-store and online with Appriss® Engage. Detect and prevent claims fraud, retail returns fraud, protect against retail fraud and abuse.

Behavior-based solutions across multiple consumer interaction touch points.

Return Authorizations

Use AI to analyze your data and push real-time decline, warn or approve recommendations to your POS or ecommerce platforms.

Claims and Appeasements

Machine learning analyzes thousands of data points to identify and mitigate item not received and did not arrive claims and appeasements. Real-time recommendations pushed to your customer service software.


Incentive Optimization

Recapture revenue by providing optimized incentives during the returns process and delight your best customers.

Appriss Linking System connects the dots within your data.

Applying artificial intelligence and advanced data models across all your transactions, Engage identifies customers who frequently change elements of their identity (email, bill to address, ship to address, phone number, loyalty information, etc.) in an attempt to “trick” legacy systems. A connection is flagged whenever an anomaly appears on the same transaction or connected transactions.

Engage then flags the customer’s account(s) to give your employees or automated systems recommendations to approve, warn, or deny a return based on guidelines defined by your company. The result: Profit dollars directly back on your bottom line.

Provide consistent experiences for consumers while improving your results.


Optimize conversion of refund dollars into successful transactions by implementing targeted incentives that effectively motivate shoppers to make purchases both in-store and online.


Incent consumers to make returns in-store to reduce shipping overhead.


Identify and change the behavior of high risk purchasers and returners regardless of if they are purchasing in your store or online.


Help consumers make green choices by offering incentives to protect the environment, such as making pick-ups or returns locally in-store.


Uncomplicate your processes and streamline your operations for handling omnichannel returns and purchases. You may make life easier for your shoppers, too.


Identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, while minimizing the impact on legitimate customers, by analyzing customer behavior and transaction patterns.

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