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April 18th 2023

Appriss Retail Hires Two Seasoned Product Experts, Furthering Its Commitment to Advancing Retail Loss Prevention

Pete Barker and Eva Sciulli join as the company continues to deliver best-in-class AI-powered technology

Appriss Retail, a leading provider of data and analytics solutions designed to reduce retail losses, decrease returns, and provide a more seamless consumer experience, today announced two new directors of product management to support each of its renowned solutions, Engage and Secure. These experienced leaders will ensure superior service for Appriss Retail’s ever-growing global customer base of ecommerce and omnichannel retailers.  

Shopper behavior and market trends are constantly changing, making it difficult for retailers to stay ahead. That’s why retailers must trust that their technology partners understand and anticipate industry challenges with innovative solutions designed to fulfill their needs. As a result, Appriss Retail is continuing to invest in product management at the leadership level. In November 2022, Amy Wilson joined as the chief product officer to create a disciplined, evidence-based approach to product management. Her early initiatives include hiring Pete Barker and Eva Sciulli.

Pete Barker has joined Appriss Retail as the director of product for Engage, a solution that delivers behavior-based return and incentive recommendations into a retailer’s point-of-sale, ecommerce, and customer service applications. Barker has more than 25 years of experience with retail fraud and investigations. Most notably, he served as the director of fraud and identity at SpyCloud and the senior manager of digital loss prevention at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  

“The retail industry changes rapidly, but Appriss Retail keeps a finger on the pulse of the market,” said Barker. “I’m looking forward to working with our customers and prospects to navigate new challenges and develop capabilities that unlock greater agility, growth, and profitability.”  

For Secure, which helps retailers identify sources of fraud and theft, streamline processes, and reduce shrink, Eva Sciulli has taken the role of director of product. Like Barker, Sciulli has a strong background in both ecommerce and retail, particularly as it relates to fostering growth through data-driven product strategies. Her most recent experience comes from Flexcar, where she served as the product lead for customer care. Before that, Sciulli worked in loss prevention and customer care at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Luxottica Retail.  

Retail margins are often incredibly thin, leaving no room for unnecessary loss,” said Sciulli. “By helping these retail businesses reduce incident investigation, Secure can make a major difference at the bottom line. I’m eager to guide our industry-leading customers as they navigate the ever-changing methods contributing to shrink.” 

“With Eva and Pete on board, the future is incredibly bright for Appriss Retail,” said Amy Wilson, chief product officer, Appriss Retail. “Our AI-powered solutions are designed specifically to predict and mitigate in-store and online retail challenges like theft, fraud, and abuse. These two seasoned professionals will ensure our technology remains best-in-class and continues to innovate to address the needs of our customers worldwide.”  

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Appriss Retail provides AI-driven analytics and real-time, integrated recommendations focused on identifying and mitigating theft, fraud, and abuse, while shaping positive experiences for profitable consumers. Used by more than 60 of the Top 100 omnichannel retailers, the company’s SaaS solutions improve retail profitability by reducing fraud and abuse, minimizing ecommerce claims and appeasements, and preventing losses caused by employee theft and turnover. For more information about Appriss Retail, visit

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