Press Release

February 5th 2019

Appriss Retail Reports Another Hallmark Year in 2018

More Than a Dozen New Retailer Contracts Signed and Nearly Sixty Retail Banners Deployed

Appriss Retail, the industry leader in retail performance improvement solutions, today announced that the company achieved record growth in 2018 with 16 new retailer contracts. The wins mark another outstanding year for Appriss Retail as the company continues to gain a stronger foothold in the global retail market. Specific milestones of 2018 include:


  • 16 new retailer contracts signed: 13 of the 16 contracts were with retailers of $1 billion or larger annual sales volume
  • 9 retail segments covered, including apparel, general merchandise, c-store, drug/pharmacy, food service, home improvement, hard goods, and more
  • 26,000 stores
  • 57 retail brands or banners
  • Four head office countries: United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia
  • 22 deployment countries

“The scope of our client base continues to expand, and we’re seeing strong momentum as we make our way into 2019,” said Krishnan Sastry, president of Appriss Retail. “Right now, our clients expect us to deliver the best retail performance solutions every day, around the world. Tomorrow, we know we need to continually improve our services to enable our next wave of end users to stay ahead of the curve as new technology emerges and retail operations evolve.”

The Appriss Retail Performance Platform incorporates analytics and artificial intelligence to create real-time automated decisions, post-transaction insights, and recommended user actions.

  • Secure™ is an exception and analytics solution that builds insights across employee behavior, inventory, operational processes, and the consumer’s store and ecommerce behavior.
  • Verify® is a real-time decision service that determines if a return or other transaction is permissible and valid. It protects margin and reduces shrink while ensuring consumers are treated fairly and consistently.
  • Incent™ is a real-time incentive engine that increases sales and margin by influencing consumer behavior across channels. It stimulates immediate incremental purchases, increases longer-term consumer value, and grows profits.
  • RTI™ is a real-time integration service that speeds development and deployment of specific, integrated business processes, like real-time sales, perpetual inventory, and mobile payments.


Appriss Retail provides artificial intelligence-based solutions to help retailers protect margin, unlock sales, and cut shrink. With more than 20 years of retail data science expertise, the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform generates advanced analytical insights and real-time decisions that drive action throughout the organization, including operations, finance, marketing, and loss prevention. Its performance-improvement solutions yield measurable results with significant return on investment among retail store, ecommerce, and inventory functions. Appriss Retail serves a global base of leading specialty, apparel, department store, hard goods, big box, grocery, pharmacy, and hospitality businesses in more than 100,000 locations (brick and mortar and online) in 45 countries across six continents. For more information about Appriss Retail, visit