retail claims fraud

Watch Pedro Ramos, chief revenue officer at Appriss Retail, discuss the rising threat of retail claims abuse and retail returns fraud in this NRF Protect 2024 Big Ideas presentation.

There’s No “Friendly Fraud” – Using AI to Address Claim/Return Fraud & Abuse

Discover how the growth of retail claims and appeasements abuse is costing retailers billions, and how retailers can leverage AI to help. Read More

Appriss Retail Claims and Appeasements Authorization can help you recoup revenue, reduce retail cost, improve the customer experience, and protect against retail fraud and retail abuse. Retail claims and appeasements can create new opportunities for fraudsters and may also pose issues for customer service agents.

Engage Claims and Appeasements Authorization

Quickly identify high-risk claims that could be costing you millions each year with Engage Claims and Appeasements Authorization. Read More