Avoid Costly Delays with SaaS Solutions

SaaS for Retail Loss Prevention and Operations

Software-as-a-Service is as much a business approach to delivering solutions as it is a software architecture. Consider that unlike most other retail applications, all of Appriss Retail’s solutions are software-as-a-service (SaaS) and can be easily piloted and quickly rolled out to your retail stores using a simple standalone terminal device or via a rapid POS integration.

The nature of a SaaS deployment means all you need to have is power and connectivity at your lane, cash wrap, or return counter – there is no software that needs to be loaded in stores or at your headquarters; all processing is performed on servers in our data center.

Easily pilot a new SaaS for retail loss prevention and fraud into your POS systems with Appriss Retail's solutions.

The Benefits of a SaaS Deployment


You can begin to deploy in as little as 30 days and it requires very little of your labor resource time.


SaaS solutions implement and operate independently on many devices. Discuss your options directly with your account representative.


All software is managed and updated in our data center and on standalone terminal devices, allowing your staff to focus on other priorities.


Architecture and data center resources scale to the needs of even the largest retail organization.


Minimal infrastructure reduces many of the costs and delays endured with more traditional software implementations.


Connecting at the transaction-level allows us to actively monitor, measure, and maintain our operational and financial commitments to you.

Implementing a SaaS retail loss prevention solution you can always access

SaaS for Loss Prevention and Retail Operations

Every day of delay cuts into your profits and performance. Because we host our robust solutions in our data centers and provide them in a Software-as-a-Service environment, you can complete the implementation and roll out much more quickly than if the software were licensed and installed on every system.

Appriss Retail is ISO 27001 compliant and conducts regular security assessments. In addition, we have a host of physical, electronic, process, and personnel security procedures in place at our offices, in our data center, and in the form of recommendations for our retailer customers. We take data security — and all security — very seriously.

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Secure’s SaaS deployment ensures that users can access the full version of the software on any device. Download a fact sheet here.

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