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The scope of analytics available to you using Appriss Retail solutions is greater than your analysts are accustomed to using. Our consultants are available before, during, and after implementation to ensure that you receive optimal results.

Combining our skills of data management and predictive analytics, we offer a solid menu of consultative processes to attack a variety of retail issues. Extracting data deep and wide across your organization, from the heart of a legacy POS to an endless array of information silos, we pour these streams of knowledge into our advanced statistical tools to assist with many deliverables.

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By comparing one element or process to another, benchmarking helps you compare stores, districts, and regions to one another or overall performance to other like organizations.


With a focus on consumer behavior and actions within the selling environment, predictive modeling can help answer “what’s most likely to happen next?” for many retail encounters.


Trends and patterns can be drawn from groups of items, like a collection of retail sales transactions. At the edges of these groups, outliers often indicate things to watch closely.


Before implementing a change chain-wide, we can help you measure the value by creating valid tests using a control group and a cluster of stores that are statistically appropriate.


We can offer you a point of view that never existed before by creating create custom reports that range from summary / detail reports to statistical trends, patterns, and graphics.


Appriss Retail’s experience with many t-log formats and extremely large data sets positions us well to capture and analyze data from multiple sources with a clear perspective.

Consulting Topics

Although most of our solutions focus on retail loss prevention and shrink reduction, our analytics are useful throughout the organization. For example, Operations departments have engaged us to perform sales transaction analysis, employee performance analysis, and sales conversions.

Loss Prevention and Asset Protection departments have had us analyze return transactions and return fraud as well as perform shrink studies. Marketing has asked for help in pinpointing product associations, segmenting markets, and measuring promotion effectiveness. We have also been engaged in SKU/product analysis and store location analysis.

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“[We saw] a significant reduction in both returns and return fraud. Based on the annual reductions in our return rates, we had no problem justifying our investment.”


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