Financial Benefits

Cutting Losses & Growing Sales

Any sales reducing activity (SRA) carries a financial impact. They may be small actions that chip away at profits, like the employee who sells a pack of batteries at the price of a pack of mints, or they may be significant, like the vendor who ships goods so late that none can be sold at full price.

Our solutions help you find the SRAs quickly and provide the information to act immediately. Some solutions even act on their own to stop retail fraud before it happens or to save a lost sale.

Quantifiable Results

Tested, stable, and fully installed by many well-known retailers — more than 100,000 store and web locations worldwide use Secure, Verify, and/or Incent. Our solutions provide our clients with millions in measurable impact each year.


Our clients consistently realize a 2 percent sales lift through the reduction of fraudulent and/or abusive returns and a revenue increase from intelligent, targeted incentives.


Incent offers have shown redemption rates up to 600 percent higher than standard print and digital vehicles.


Most retailers implementing Secure see full payback in 6 months. Verify and Incent show even faster results with a full return on investment in just a few weeks.


Reduce returns by as much as 8 percent and shrink by 13 percent with Verify.


Increase sales by up to 1 percent with Incent, and derive more value from the foot traffic in your stores.


Enter a few basic statistics into this online calculator and get an estimate of each solution’s contribution to your bottom line.  Go to Calculator.

Retail Optimization Expertise

Our solutions help you address “total loss” by identifying and mitigating fraud, errors, or faulty operational processes. They are not designed to burden retail Loss Prevention / Asset Protection resources with every little infraction. Instead, the solutions address outlier behaviors that are significantly impacting store performance.

They provide actionable information to LP and Operations. In addition, Verify and Incent use analytic models to render decisions in real-time, automatically preventing fraud or offering purchase incentives without human intervention. Since they are delivered in a SaaS environment, they are comparatively fast to implement and comparatively light on IT resources.

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