• Consumer Returns in the Retail Industry 2021

    This benchmark report provides data points on ecommerce, in-store, and omnichannel return cost, loss, and volume in the US during 2021.

  • watch the big ideas session from nrf protect 2022 with appriss retail and home depot

    After the “Buy” Button: Attacking Omnichannel Risk

    Heather Bolling of The Home Depot shared her success in mitigating online returns fraud and protecting margin in this Big Ideas session co-presented with Appriss Retail.

  • Increase profitability by rethinking your omnichannel returns.

    Appriss® Engage provides real-time, AI-driven recommendations to individualize the customer experience during the return, exchange, or adjustment process.

  • Cut Shrink and Protect Margin

    Appriss® Secure goes beyond exception reporting to use AI to pinpoint the people, places, and processes that are draining your profits.

  • Where are you on the list?

    Appriss Retail and Incisiv published the 2022 Omnichannel Returns Benchmark Index assessing top retailers’ online and in-store return capabilities and experiences.

Total Impact for Appriss Retail Customers in 1 Year


reduction in returns


reduction in shrink


in sales preserved

Maximize profitability and minimize risk with Appriss Retail

Explore our suite of data-science driven solutions that can help optimize sales, profitability, and consumer experiences while reducing friction and fraud risk.

An artificial intelligence driven solution used by retailers worldwide to mitigate losses from retail fraud, theft, and operations/systemic breakdowns. Its analytics provide advanced profit protection and exception reporting.

A real-time, consumer-based authorization system, that uses predictive algorithms and statistical models to identify and deter fraudulent return behavior in stores, call centers, and online.

By using key information at the time of purchase or return, Incent delivers targeted, highly valued incentives that drive additional purchases within hours of a transaction, improving store performance.

A data-driven solution that enhances the consumer returns experience to drive profitable sales while reducing fraud and building loyalty.

We started with Engage and saw a decrease of millions in the first 6 months… an almost immediate 6.2% net reduction in returns.

National Hardgoods Retailer, US

Managing omnichannel returns with Engage can deliver millions

Rethinking how you manage returns presents a unique opportunity to increase profitability without adding stores or finding new customers. Our data-science driven solutions streamline processes, optimize operations, boost efficiencies – all while engaging consumers and building brand loyalty.

Use our Engage Calculator to see YOUR financial gain.

  • Department Store

    Annual u.s. gross sales

    $10 Billion

    Number of u.s. stores


    Estimated overall annual benefit


  • Speciality

    Annual u.s. gross sales

    $1 Billion

    Number of u.s. stores


    Estimated overall annual benefit


  • Pharmacy / Grocery

    Annual u.s. gross sales

    $7 Billion

    Number of u.s. stores


    Estimated overall annual benefit


  • General Merchandise

    Annual u.s. gross sales

    $7 Billion

    Number of u.s. stores


    Estimated overall annual benefit


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