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Boost Profitability and Minimize Risk with Secure

Secure's AI-powered exception-based reporting helps identify the employees, items, and inefficient processes that drain your stores’ profits every day. Read More

A gaming retailer was ready to upgrade its legacy exception-based reporting analytics system. Discover how Secure contributed to a reduction in erosion and loss.

Profit Protection Levels Up

Discover how Secure contributed to a reduction in erosion and loss for a gaming and entertainment retailer. Read More

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Remodeling an Old Fashioned Return Counter

Watch how Appriss Retail helped a regional hardware retailer remodel their outdated return counter processes to address retail returns abuse and become more profitable. Read More


Convert Returns into New Sales Opportunities In-store and Online

Appriss® Engage helps you to reduce risk and recoup lost revenue with a robust, omnichannel returns solution. Read More


Managing Omnichannel Return Risk in Real-Time

Understand the essentials for a real-time omnichannel return process that protects performance, delivers insight, and offers a seamless consumer experience. Read More


Save Millions Directing Consumers to Return In-Store

See the data supporting the value of offering omnichannel consumers incentives to choose BORIS over shipping their returns to the retailer. Read More

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Reducing Organized Retail Crime with Return Authorization and Consumer Linking

Retailers can identify organized retail crime rings using advanced analytics and focusing on extreme return activity within their own business. Read More


Fighting Omnichannel Return Loss During the Holiday Season

Retailers fight return losses all year long, the problem worsens considerably when the holiday season arrives. What can you do? Read More

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2020 Blended Return Rate by Retail Category

This short video shows which retail verticals had the highest merchandise return rates in 2020. (The highest is not apparel.) Read More