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AI-Driven Alternatives to Blanket Returns Policies: New Ways to Maximize Profitability

Don’t estrange shoppers with blanket return policies and return fees. Find viable alternatives that protect profits and elevate your CX. Read More


Increase Productivity by Centrally Managing Any Type of Incident

Appriss® Secure Incident is the most powerful incident management solution on the market. This tool has handled more than 15 million cases. Read More

Help conduct store audits anytime, anywhere, 25% faster than before with Secure Audit. This store auditing tool is convenient and easy to use.

Conduct Store Audits Anytime, Anywhere

Secure Audit simplifies store audits. Creating, conducting, and reporting are managed with ease. Details are in this quick overview. Read More


Analytics That Can Help You Save on Ecommerce Returns

When it comes to ecommerce returns, categories matter. Learn where and how to start looking for your cost savings. Read More


Dramatic Shift from In-Store to Omnichannel Shopping

This report uses Appriss Retail’s collective intelligence to shine a light on lasting changes in consumer spending habits. Read More

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How to Protect Retail Margins Using the Science of Statistics

See how retail loss prevention and asset protection departments can identify the root causes of loss due to procedures, policies, or systemic errors, and improve profitability. Read More

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Consumer Shopping Behaviors: Online Reviews and Sentiments Analysis

See how a machine learning model can be used to predict whether an item would be “recommended” by the consumer. Read More

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Remodeling an Old Fashioned Return Counter

This retailer’s return procedures made it a target for organized retail crime and retail return abusers. See how it addressed the issue. Read More


Consumer Return Behaviors: B&M vs Omnichannel

How does consumer behavior differ between omnichannel and store-only shoppers? Which consumers deliver more value? You may be surprised. Read More


Optimizing the Value in Return Transactions

Retailers who have recently optimized their return transactions have increased consumer conversions while reducing loss, resulting in increases of over 1-2% in net sales. Read More

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TV Returns and Football’s Big Game: Where Is the Connection?

Do consumers purchase high-end TVs to watch “The Big Game” and then return them for a refund? Appriss Commerce did the research to find out. Read More


Reducing Risk in the Game

This retailer wanted an EBR system to address revenue, margin, and stock loss plus create actionable insights. It achieved ROI in just 3 months. Read More

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Global Retailer Tallies Successes

Learn how this UK-based retailer achieved a 200+% ROI in the first year and a 15% reduction in retail fraud overall. Read More


Uncovering More Employee Fraud Faster with AI

A department store wanted to learn more than its data was revealing and to prove the value of adding artificial intelligence (AI) to its analytics arsenal — starting with loss and shrink from employee fraud. Read More


Machine Learning and the Evolution of Exception Reporting

Learn how today’s AI evolved from rules and queries to predictive models and machine learning, helping reduce retail shrink and loss. Read More


Secure Store: Beyond Exception Reporting with AI

Appriss® Secure exception analytics helps retailers reduce loss from employees, vendors, and processes. Find out in this quick overview. Read More


Controlling Shrink by Monitoring Sales Reducing Activities (SRAs)

Sales reducing activities (SRAs) indicate where retail shrink may have taken place, but they can also be used as an early indicator of future retail shrink, too. Read More


Calculating Your Real Return Rate

Most retailers in this study underestimated their retail return rate—one by 150%. This paper explains how to calculate yours accurately. Read More

Learn about the impact of retail return abuse and fraud on profits, including 6 retail return fraud and return abuse schemes.

Return Risk and Abuse: How to Protect Profits

Six retail return fraud schemes are detailed here along with ways to prevent them while improving the CX for other shoppers. Read More


Improving the Consumer Experience with Returns

Here are six tips to reinvent your merchandise returns process to deliver consumer service excellence at the point-of-return. Read More

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Tuning in to Consumer Satisfaction

This retailer achieved a chain-wide 10%+ reduction in its return rate, saving millions of dollars annually. See how they did it. Read More

a retailer optimizes their return rate by reducing return loss and abuse with Appriss Retail Engage. Retail profit protection has never been easier than with Appriss Retail's suite of solutions.

Retail Profit Protection in the Spotlight

Can a retailer optimize its return rate by reducing return loss and abuse while keeping consumer satisfaction levels high? Read More

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Slam the Door on Return Fraud

This chain offered a no-receipt-required return policy, but employees routinely extended the refund timeframe. See how the retailer regained control. Read More

Engage Incentive Optimization applies advanced analytics and AI to shopper interactions to offer dynamic shopping incentives.

Engage Incentive Optimization

Appriss® Retail's Engage Incentive Optimization helps omnichannel retailers turn returns into new revenue and profits. Find details in this quick overview. Read More

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Reduce Returns and Delight Your Best Customers with Engage Return Authorization

Appriss® Engage Return Authorization helps omnichannel retailer reduce returns, cut shrink, and improve service. Details are in this quick overview. Read More