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4 Elements of an Effective Returns Strategy [Webinar]

Nathan Smith (Appriss Retail) and Giri Agarwal (Incisiv) discuss the findings from the 2022 State of the Industry: Returns as an Engagement Strategy report and how they can be applied toward building an effective return strategy. Read More

appriss retail leveraging AI to combat claims fraud

Leveraging AI to Combat Claims Fraud

Learn how the Appriss Linking System can help you identify potential fraudulent order claims. Read More

research report cover 2022 State of the Industry: Returns as an Engagement Strategy report

2022 State of the Industry: Returns as an Engagement Strategy

Learn how your company’s returns strategy compares to the cross-section of retailers surveyed in this latest study from Incisiv. Read More

Order Claims: A Growing Source of Ecommerce Fraud

Order Claims: A Growing Source of Ecommerce Fraud

Claims fraud, a.k.a. refund fraud, can be as costly as chargebacks for some retailers. Learn how you can protect your profits. Read More

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Secure Coach

Improve efficiencies at the point-of-service, reduce front-end turnover, and decrease sales reducing activities (SRAs) with Appriss Secure Coach. Read More


AI-Driven Alternatives to Blanket Returns Policies: New Ways to Maximize Profitability

Don’t estrange shoppers with blanket return policies and return fees. Find viable alternatives that protect profits and elevate your CX. Read More


Convert Returns into New Sales Opportunities In-store and Online

Appriss® Engage helps you to reduce risk and recoup lost revenue with a robust, omnichannel returns solution. Read More

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2022 Omnichannel Returns Index

Retailers must rethink returns as an integral part of their retail strategy if they are to be successful says this index report from Incisiv. Read More

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The Route to Return an Online Purchase

Is your ecommerce return process strengthening or harming your CX? A secret shopper study of 55 omnichannel retailers may surprise you. Read More


Consumer Returns in the Retail Industry 2021

This benchmark report provides data points on ecommerce, in-store, and omnichannel return cost, loss, and volume in the US during 2021. Read More


Analytics That Can Help You Save on Ecommerce Returns

When it comes to ecommerce returns, categories matter. Learn where and how to start looking for your cost savings. Read More


Dramatic Shift from In-Store to Omnichannel Shopping

This report uses Appriss Commerce’s collective intelligence to shine a light on lasting changes in consumer spending habits. Read More

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Consumer Shopping Behaviors: Online Reviews and Sentiments Analysis

See how a machine learning model can be used to predict whether an item would be “recommended” by the consumer. Read More


Consumer Return Behaviors: B&M vs Omnichannel

How does consumer behavior differ between omnichannel and store-only shoppers? Which consumers deliver more value? You may be surprised. Read More

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Key US Retail Segments

This research-driven white paper shows which categories were winners and which were losers in key retail segments during 2020 Read More