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Discover findings about consumer returns in the retail industry in 2023. Find out how retailers are tackling retail returns in this retail report.

2023 Consumer Returns in the Retail Industry Report

This annual report, published by NRF and Appriss Retail, offers valuable insights into the overall state of returns in a range of retail categories. Read More

Returns Are a Powerful Engagement Opportunity – One You Can’t Ignore!

Instead of being a “cost of doing business,” returns can be an excellent opportunity to delight your customer. Watch our Big Ideas Presentation from the NRF Big Show 2023. Read More

Appriss Retail and Incisiv present the webinar 4 elements of an effective returns strategy

4 Elements of an Effective Returns Strategy

Nathan Smith (Appriss Retail) and Giri Agarwal (Incisiv) discuss the findings from the 2022 State of the Industry: Returns as an Engagement Strategy report and how they can be applied toward building an effective return strategy. Read More

Footwear retailer uses Appriss Engage Return Optimization and Engage Incentive Optimization to improve profitability and protect retail margins

Manufacturer/Retailer Steps Up Sales with Returns Solutions

This retailer saw an opportunity to improve profitability and protect margins by maximizing the potential in an untapped revenue source—return transactions. Read More

research report cover 2022 State of the Industry: Returns as an Engagement Strategy report

2022 State of the Industry: Returns as an Engagement Strategy

Learn how your company’s returns strategy compares to the cross-section of retailers surveyed in this latest study from Incisiv. Read More

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Remodeling an Old Fashioned Return Counter

This retailer’s return procedures made it a target for organized retail crime and retail return abusers. See how it addressed the issue. Read More


Consumer Return Behaviors: B&M vs Omnichannel

How does consumer behavior differ between omnichannel and store-only shoppers? Which consumers deliver more value? You may be surprised. Read More


Reducing Risk in the Game

This retailer wanted an EBR system to address revenue, margin, and stock loss plus create actionable insights. It achieved ROI in just 3 months. Read More

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Lifting Sales Without Raising a Sweat

This retailer wanted to drive incremental sales and higher gross profit from its existing foot traffic, particularly from repeat shoppers. Read More

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Tuning in to Consumer Satisfaction

This retailer achieved a chain-wide 10%+ reduction in its return rate, saving millions of dollars annually. See how they did it. Read More

a retailer optimizes their return rate by reducing return loss and abuse with Appriss Retail Engage. Retail profit protection has never been easier than with Appriss Retail's suite of solutions.

Retail Profit Protection in the Spotlight

Can a retailer optimize its return rate by reducing return loss and abuse while keeping consumer satisfaction levels high? Read More

omnichannel retailer uses Appriss Retail Engage to implement return optimization and protect against retail returns abuse

Outfitted for Return Optimization

Changes in consumer behavior were jeopardizing this company’s profitability and performance through return abuse. See what the retailer did. Read More

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Slam the Door on Return Fraud

This chain offered a no-receipt-required return policy, but employees routinely extended the refund timeframe. See how the retailer regained control. Read More

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Reduce Returns and Delight Your Best Customers with Engage Return Authorization

Appriss® Engage Return Authorization helps omnichannel retailer reduce returns, cut shrink, and improve service. Details are in this quick overview. Read More